Thursday, July 31, 2014

My Use of the Resqme Tool in the Real World

You never know when you might be called upon to rescue someone from a vehicle, especially a child who has been trapped inside by a careless parent, which happens a lot during the summer time, and can quickly lead to heat-related injuries or death. Carry the right tools for the job!

From Resqme's Facebook page:

We received a notification telling us that Glen Stilson, Independence Training head instructor, saved a life trapped in a car after an accident, using the resqme tool. Our team is beloved to share this fabulous story to you all:

I wanted to write you a quick note about how I recently used one of the Res Q Me tools that you sent to us. Myself and another one of our instructors were headed back from a training class when we witnessed a vehicle accident in front of us. As we rendered aid to the occupants, the passenger, who was pinned inside and underneath the vehicle, began having trouble breathing due to the seatbelt being wrapped around his neck and restricting his airway. I keep a Res Q Me attached to my med kit, and with one clean cut I released the seatbelt and then stabilized the passenger’s airway. In the end, the driver was released at the scene and the passenger was taken to the local hospital with non-life threatening injuries, thanks to the Res Q Me.

See the attached photo (shown above) that I took after Fire and EMS arrived and extracted the passenger. The passenger was on the opposite side of the vehicle - Glen Stilson, Head Instructor

Want more information about vehicle evacuation tools, including the Resqme? Check out the video below.

Stay Aware, Stay Safe, and Train Hard.

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