Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Combative Defense Tactics (CDT) with Brian Sinclair

On the street there are NO RULES, NO REFS, NO RINGS and NO ROUNDS. Any real fight you find yourself in could very well be a fight for your life. Our new Combative Defense Tactics (CDT) program is a based on a culmination of fighting styles and real-world life experiences of the instructors. There will not be any Belts or Ranks, just real life and the defense of that life. We will learn how to control situations and avoid unnecessary conflict via situational awareness and preparation. We will take the fight to an attacker and come out on top. Watch the video below for more information!

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Stay Aware, Stay Safe, and Train Hard.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Realistic Emergency Prep: Water is Life - featuring Lee from Off The Grid Survival Gear

There is a lot of good information out there about preparing for emergencies, and also a lot of nonsense. The biggest flop that we see is a singular focus, especially when that singular focus is on an event that has a small chance of effecting you, such as a massive civil unrest, fighting against some foreign invaders, or (the pop-culture favorite) a zombie apocalypse. While preparing for those types of events will get you pointed in the right direction, it's a better idea to prepare for the types of emergencies that are more likely to happen, such as the loss of a job, a water shortage, a natural disaster, or a power outage. Those are some examples of emergencies that happen all-too-often here in our country, yet also all-too-often many of the affected citizens are unprepared for such events, and thus have to rely on others or (gasp!) the government to bail them out.

In this month's Journal of a Sheepdog, we went over to Off The Grid Survival Gear, one of our industry partners, to talk to co-owner Lee about realistic preparations, training, and also what he feels is the biggest lack of preparation in most people's lives: water storage.

Stay Aware, Stay Safe, and Train Hard.