Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Independence Training uses Slip 2000

Here at Independence Training we use Slip 2000 products for our firearms maintenance. In fact, we believe in their product so much, that if you come to an Independence Training firearms course, you'll get a free sample of Slip 2000 Extreme Weapons Lubricant (EWL) and Slip 2000 725 Cleaner/Degreaser.

We ran into our friends from Slip 2000 at SHOT Show earlier this month, and told them about a handgun training course that we held during a snowy day, and how some student's guns started to have recurring malfunctions due to poor lubrication. What did we do to fix that? You'll have to read the whole story on Slip 2000's blog:

And if you're a Facebook user, be sure to stop by their page, 'Like' it, and drop a comment on our story being posted there, as well:

Stay Aware, Stay Safe, and Train Hard.

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