Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Shotguns and Buckshot Patterns for Home Defense - dispelling the myth about "you can't miss!"

The shotgun is an iconic firearm in American history, and if you were to go door-to-door in your community with a survey about firearm ownership, you would likely find that most of the homes that have firearms have at least one shotgun. It's a versatile and powerful firearm, and certainly one of our favorites here at Independence Training, but like firearms in general there are many myths and misconceptions about it. One of the most common is that the shotgun is a "can't miss" firearm - just point it at what you want to hit and you'll hit it. Too many are the husbands that give their wives a shotgun and tell them "just point it at the door frame honey and you'll blow the bad guy away." Not only is this not true, but it's dangerous misinformation, as it won't stop the threat and may in fact put others in harm's way. This myth is likely based on those who have only ever used their shotguns for bird hunting, with birdshot and choked barrels, where "point and shoot" is the name of the game since you're dealing with large shot patterns. But in the world of buckshot and self defense, against two legged adversaries, the shotgun performs much differently. Check out the video below to see more!

And whatever you do . . . . don't use birdshot for home defense!

Stay Aware, Stay Safe, and Train Hard.

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